Therapy Services

Although seemingly simple, reaching out for help can be difficult. But finding the courage to do so might be the first step towards the more fulfilling life you seek. Through our work together, we will examine and dismantle old patterns that hold you back from being open, wise, relaxed, and spontaneous in your work, play, and love. Depending on your needs, I can meet with you individually, with you and your partner, or with your child.

My experience as a psychologist has led me to specialize in certain areas, drawing on the most effective combination of current clinical research techniques and practices depending on each client’s needs. Although I have a diverse practice, I specialize in working with both adolescents and adults helping them find ways to find safety, strength and inner peace when facing depressionanxietyeating disorders, and relationship challenges.

Whether you are looking for relief from painful confusion, sadness, or worry, or are just looking for more meaningful life experiences and relationships, I welcome you on this journey towards personal growth.

I offer in-person sessions, as well as telehealth sessions over the telephone and internet using an encrypted video calling service.

Dr. Dan Gaylinn

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